Paul Sevigny’s Kenmare Restaurant Faces Early Heat

Leave it to Paul Sevigny to start an empirical debate on the ultimate nature of restaurants and bars. His not-even-open-yet restaurant (or is it?) Kenmare has already landed itself on the State Liquor Authority’s watch list. They just can’t leave the poor guy alone. According to the Daily News, Kenmare’s beef with the SLA began when the owners portrayed themselves as a restaurant, which means food will be served, guests will be seated, they’ll close early and no one will get naked. But after hosting some of Fashion Week’s most exclusive parties, it became clear that none of that was true—except for the food part.

Neighbors have already complained, which was the downfall of Sevigny’s old haunt, the Beatrice Inn. There’s also apparently a downstairs lounge—where all ass-shaking will take place—that owners hadn’t told the SLA about. The funniest part of the Daily News article comes when they mention Patrick McMullan’s website and all the “smiling scenesters” it photographed during Purple magazine’s Valentine’s Day bash. It’s true that if scenesters are smiling then they’re probably not sober and dancing maniacally to the Black Lips. But except for the guy that was completely naked swilling San Pellegrino, Kenmare seems like any other restaurant. Just a bunch of scenesters, smiling. See below.


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