Partying With Chloë (Again!)

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image Scene queen Sophia Lamar at last night’s Opening Ceremony celebration.

People everywhere—and by people, I mean bloggers—keep announcing that this is going to be one of the best Fashion Week weeks ever, and it has nothing to do with the clothes. The writers strike may have struck the Golden Globes, but it promises to leave New Yorkers star-struck. The glitterati have so few lines to memorize these days that they’ve come to flood the tents and fêtes with their shiny Hollywood presence.

Last night was a great taste of what the speakeasies and clubs are bound to look like this week: crammed. We came early to Webster Hall to help Chloë Sevigny celebrate her new line for Opening Ceremony, but it seemed as though our help was not required. What seemed like all of Williamsburg was there to applaud Sevigny’s quirky cool new line, so we were in good (if not excessive) company. Waiting (im)patiently in the dreary weather, we watched as Natasha Lyonne and Andy Samberg had a bit of trouble getting past the larger-than-life bouncers. Andy’s hair apparently had no trouble and went right in. Once inside I pretended to wait in yet another long line for the ladies’ room while really just checking out my hair and James Iha, who seemed to be doing the same in the boy’s line.

As I searched for Andy Samberg’s hair, I had to take stalking breaks to refill my drink. I ended up abandoning both impossible missions as Andy’s hair seemed to be on every boy’s head and the line to get a drink was long and filled with people who felt like stepping on my new shoes.

The highlights? Smoking openly, the cute guy in a beanie at the end of the bar, and seeing Sevigny walk up the street in a fabulous ensemble, the slick street her own personal runway—and we were front row.

Photos courtesy Patrick McMullan Company

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