Party Venue Matchmaker VenueTap Launches VIP Contest

We’re all looking for a matchmaker – someone to guide us toward the perfect fulfilling job, studio apartment, relationship. Why? Because we want the solutions to our problems, and we want them quick. And when we want to throw an unforgettable party but don’t know where and how, that’s when the easiest matchmaker of all comes into play: the internet, with website VenueTap.

Featured in CNBC and Reuters, and from the founder of, VenueTap makes it so you don’t contend with slow-moving word-of-mouth and unresponded-to emails to venue managers. Instead, you just hop online, fill in your reason for partying (30th birthday, high school band reunion, etc.), how many guests you’re expecting, and let VenueTap’s customized search engine of New York venues do the rest of the work.



And this week, VenueTap is launching a contest where the winner will receive these five wonderful things:
– A free, private VIP party at a venue for you and 30 of your friends
– Three bottles of vodka
– Table service
– Waitress service
– and mixers

The one thing you don’t get: a whole lot of hassle.

To enter the contest, all you do is sign up here to be a VenueTap Insider between now and Thursday the 24th. At the end of the seven-day raffle, a name will be announced… and I hope it’s yours. Or mine.
No, definitely mine.

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