How To Party In New York On A Wednesday: St Jerome’s, Gilded Lily and Baby, I’m A Star

Tonight, the beloved St. Jerome’s will reopen as Rivington F&B. That F&B stands for food and beverage. (It’s hard to get straight up bars and clubs through community board scrutiny without a food component.) The old St Jerome’s ownership isn’t on board; rather the folks from DL/Delancey/Apt 13 are behind this endeavor. They have had this experience before and are launching right, kitchen and all. I saw the space when in its former iteration and took a tour before they acquired it. Unbeknownst to many there was an additional 1,500 or so square feet behind the bar, virtually unused. This back room had high ceilings with ancient tin and looked spectacular in its decayed state. It will be interesting to see how the natural assets were incorporated into design and how much space the kitchen takes up.

I can only stay for a minute as I have been asked again to DJ at Gilded Lily (408 West 15th Street) for the Paul Sevigny-spearheaded Wednesday night soiree Feel Up! The cast of characters includes Tommy Saleh, Julio Montero. Erik Foss, Andre Saraiva, Susanne Bartsch, Amanda Lepore, Simonez Wolf, Zac Lucien, Dan Regan and Cole Mohr. I am opening for the flabbergasting-ly great Sammy Jo and Franco V (tour DJ for the Scissor Sisters). The opening week was amazing. I hear last week was even better, and tonight the spring in the air puts a spring in our feet (and other places,) so this night figures to be super hot. If the third time is indeed the charm then this night will be undeniable going forward. I will linger at Gilded Lily for a bit, but then since I will be all dressed up with so many places to go I will hop over to Bowery Electric to peruse all the sexy people at Kayvon Zand and Anna Evan’s Dorian Gray bash. Tonight it’s Grimm’s Fairy “Tails” with a live performance by Mirror Kisses. It’s also Demanda’s birthday, celebrated by this always demanding and in demand crowd.

If all this isn’t totally exhausting then a move is in order over to Baby I’m a Star: LA Reid’s Epic After Dark After Party hosted by the Legendary Damon and Kesington Kross. DJ Mos, DJ Kiss, and Bryan Michael Cox will provide music. This shindig is at Mister H (9 Crosby Street). We will talk about Damon Peruzzi again as his Annual Luxxball — his birthday bash – is coming up this Sunday, March 23rd at a soon to be announced location. All in all, a pretty good Wednesday.

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