Paris Opening: Club Silencio

Considering a now rather scrubbed and polished international nightlife scene tempts us with seemingly nothing more provocative than organic cocktails and faux burlesque, a new Paris nightclub dreamed up by the peculiar psyche of David Lynch seems exigent at the very least.

Curiously, Club Silencio is modeled on David Lynch’s Los Angeles noir classic Mullholland Drive, with surreal interiors conjured by the director himself. What’s odd about that, of course, is that LA veritably defines American artifice, while the French capital mostly scoffs at Hollywood plasticity. But the Lynchian gestalt has always relied on culture clashes. Fittingly, le resistance literally haunts the walls here, as 142 rue Montmartre was once home to L’Aurore, publishers of Emile Zola’s defiant J’Accuse. The enigmatical corridors now contain a performance stage, a cinema, an art library and reflective dance floor (Parisians have been known to occasionally shake their moneymakers), where all manner of scandalous and unholy activities are virtually assured to unfold.

Silencio will be members only club until 12am, and open to the public after midnight.

We can’t wait for Eraserhead: The Boulangerie.

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