Page Six and Me, Disco 2000 Returns? And Jared Leto’s Oscar Nod!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night—puppies, work, new tattoo, nail biting for the 2014 Oscar Nominations? Who knows, but here I am a little beat, needing a little buzz. This cup of joe ain’t cutting it. I got some buzz this morning because I am in Page Six. It’s a story about my pal Michael Alig, the original Party Monster. The story says that Michael says he may be leaving prison as soon as this month. It goes on to mention Macaulay playing Mike in the 2003 film Party Monster, which loosely documents his slaying of “drug dealer Andre “Angel” Melendez in 1996″. It also says, “We hear that Steve Lewis — who ran legendary New York nightclubs Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel, Life and Plaid, among others — has been visiting Alig in jail and could even produce a potential Alig reality show when he’s free. Lewis didn’t return calls for comment by deadline.”

That last part is accurate about me not returning calls by deadline. I apologize, as I was very busy and the incoming call said “unavailable” and I was in some heavy duty meetings making me actually…unavailable. The reality is, Michael was not granted a hearing before his Elmira Prisons Time Allowance Committee and a quick release isn’t in the cards—maybe. He was downgraded from being a Maximum Security prisoner to being a Medium Security prisoner. What that means is he could be transferred to another joint at any moment without notification. In fact, this is very likely. Friends hope that when he is transferred he might get released from whatever prison gets him. He has completed his mandatory drug program, a big step to the street (prison term for the outside world), and he has enough “good behavior” to warrant a return to the living. That’s the crunch, as many people on the street feel Michael shouldn’t return to the living while Angel is still dead. The part about me producing a reality TV show isn’t accurate. I did contribute to a full-length documentary that has been shot, but is waiting for the happy ending to be released. Again, I apologize to Page Six and the writer Ian Mohr for being difficult to reach.

With this in mind, and you can call it a coincidence, Friday night at The Village Lantern (167 Bleecker Street) there is a party base on Michael’s Disco 2000 and his Club Kid movement. It’s called The Return of Disco 2000. It goes on to say:

 The biggest and wildest party NYC has ever seen…This event is being brought to you by the same insane folks that brought you Disco 2000 & Blood Feast back in the 80’s and 90’s…. If you never experienced Disco 2000 at The Limelight then you are definitely not going to want to miss this party… We are proud to bring you the most EPIC event ever.. And the illest DJ Line Up on this planet… 2 Levels of pure adrenaline filled house music all night long…

I didn’t recognize a single name from the promoters or DJs involved with the event, and although I respect the long-lived Village Lantern, I just can’t imagine it being the site for the “biggest and wildest party NYC has ever seen.” I won’t be attending.

On another sort of coincidence, side note kind of thing, I am pleased that Jared Leto was nominated this morning for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. He won at the Golden Globes.  I have seen a number of articles and Facebook rants accusing him of homophobia because he didn’t say enough about the AIDS epidemic, the core theme of the movie. Jared Leto is not homophobic. At Disco 2000 and lots of other type events I and many others got to hang with a young Jared quite often. He hung out with everyone at this mixed, mostly gay weekly event that sometimes came close to being “the biggest and wildest party NYC has ever seen.” I ran into him on the street a couple years ago and after some hugs we chatted and he was the same guy I remember. He is a great guy and I think sometimes writers look for stories that aren’t really there and in that process do damage.

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