The Otheroom


1201 Abbot Kinney Blvd Los Angeles CA90291
(310) 396-6230

Abbot Kinney in Venice has been called the “coolest block in America”—and with good reason. The buildings are filled with cutting-edge shops, and the sidewalks teem with super-stylish people. After exploring the boulevard’s art galleries, specialty wine stores, and niche restaurants, gather your friends at The Otheroom, the perfect place to finish a night. This dimly lit neighborhood charmer is made for mingling, and filled with the Westside’s smartest clientele. The vibe is laid back, but still hip, so make sure to dress up even while dressing down. You won’t find cocktails here—it’s beer and wine only—but you will find good company and conversation. Lick your lips in anticipation as you study the chalkboard menu, crowded with unique wines and beers on tap. After your friends snag a comfy couch, snake through the crowd and hit the bar. Show off your sophistication by ordering glasses of sweet Riesling and monk-brewed Chimay and then letting your crew pick and choose. Scope out the room and engage with like-minded new friends. Enjoy the hand-picked indie music coming from the speakers as you sip your drinks in the candlelit scene. Relaxing with good drinks and good friends after a great meal sounds like mellow hipster heaven, and that’s what Abbot Kinney is all about.
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Photograph by Omar Bárcena
Edited by BlackBook

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