Operation Confusion: Airport Security

After the botched airplane bombing attempt on Christmas Day, airport security has been on overload, prompting several bizarre security measures and confusing the hell out of many passengers traveling over the weekend. The new rules and regs that have been flying around don’t do much but create bits of chaos in airports around the country.

This is in part, on purpose. The idea is to not to have security exposing their tactics in a cookie-cutter, terrorist-understanding kind of way. If the passengers are confused about the whats and the whys, then so will the would-be bombers. Following is a sample of the most ridiculous “security” measures enacted over the last few days:

1. No listening to an iPod. At all.

2. No blankets on laps during the last hour of the flight, and in that case, passengers were told to “keep their hands visible.”

3. Everyone gets frisked at the gate, and “everyone” even includes babies, one of which screamed in protest.

4. Bathrooms are off limits during the last hour of the flight. This led to lines 10-deep when the announcement was made.

5. In-flight screens showing the planes whereabouts and flight path were shut off, for “safety reasons.”

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