Openings: Vertigo Sky Lounge @ Dana Hotel & Spa, Chicago

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imageAs the staunchly cigar-chomping city of Chicago has tragically joined the puritanical fray by banning the act of lighting up even in bars, rooftop drinking establishments have taken on a whole new exigency. And so comes the Dana Hotel & Spa’s sexy Vertigo Sky Lounge. But while the hotel itself is all understated Zen chic (they even have Nirvana Suites, which definitely ain’t homage to the late Mr. Cobain), its new sky-high nightlife hotspot (opening in August) will slouch decisively towards the decadent.

With dangerous-sounding cocktails like the Smoking Dragon and a menu that includes something of a Koreanesque cheese steak (mercy!), the huge indoor space, lasciviously adorned by images of tattooed body parts, will be open year round. The outdoor will host skywalkers as long as the weather holds. But the kicker is the bathroom, which features sweeping skyline views, affording what will surely be the most majestic wee of your already totally fascinating life.