Opening Weekend Report: Calvin Harris + Steve Aoki Man the Decks at OMNIA Dayclub at Vidanta Los Cabos

Steve Aoki at OMNIA Dayclub


This past weekend marked the gigantic, super hot opening of not two, not three, but four new Hakkasan Group properties at Vidanta Los Cabos. To celebrate, they managed to put together the all-starriest of all-star lineups at the new OMNIA Dayclub – namely DJ Steve Aoki, Zedd and Grammy winning globetrotter Calvin Harris. The splashy Vidanta is fast on its way to reinventing the mega-resort experience, and this weekend proved they have the grandiosity of vision to pull it off.

Here’s how it all went down – at least as much as we can remember. 



Lunch at Casa Calavera

You can’t go to Mexico without indulging in, well, real Mexican food. But the alliterative Casa Calavera takes the cuisine to dizzy and creative new heights. The menu features a range of ceviches, ensaladas, tacos with made-to-order tortillas, and cooked-to-perfection meats like the Korobuca baby back ribs. The open-air design is chicly complemented with a colorful display of Mexican tiling and various Day of the Dead references. And all just steps away from the beach…

Dinner at Herringbone

Chefs Brian Malarkey and Alex Branch personally introduced us to the Cabo rendition of Herringbone’s renowned “Fish Meats Field” coastal cuisine – using carefully sourced local ingredients. Waiters ushered out plate after plate of delicious fare: ceviche, buffalo octopus, and entrees like the grilled sea bass and prime-aged beef. Each course had a cocktail to match, concocted by Hakkasan’s wonderful and self-proclaimed Galactic Beverage Commander Constantine Alexander. We particularly loved the Hibiscus Margarita and the Just About Pearfect – spiked with the weekend’s most prominently placed spirit, Absolut Elyx.




Steve Aoki at OMNIA Dayclub

The Vegas-style sister of Hakkasan Group’s new-to-Cabo properties, OMNIA opened its doors for a pool party spectacular and apparently, the wildest nighttime DJ set known to man. Aoki showed up (eventually) to play well into the night, spiking the energy levels from 10 to off-the-Richter-scale…as he does. Fireworks, flowing bottles of booze, and those tubes that shoot blasts of white powdery air into the crowd – all there. So was the most gorgeous crowd of people ever to share the air in one Cabo venue. Night one set the tone for a weekend of Spring Break-style fun, replete with glittery scenesters, glam fashion blogger types, and the boyfriends tasked with taking their photos.



Happy Hour at SHOREBar

We’d settled in nicely to our routine of eat-drink-dance at this point. the SHOREBar (yes, another one of Hakkasan Group’s famed nightspots) served as the central meeting point / clubhouse for playing ping pong, snacking on late-night quesadillas or prepping for da clurb over more cocktails. Friday night’s party was but a trace of EDM memory after our ceviche and paloma lunch at Herringbone. We were ready to see Zedd, and so were hundreds of other daytime revelers. Back to OMNIA…




Zedd at OMNIA Dayclub

German record producer Zedd brought the house down as we watched this place do what it was meant to do: reign supreme as the day club of Cabo. The place was packed with drinking, swim/wading, wet t-shirted twenty-somethings bouncing up and down to their favorite tracks. Three model-esque women in shamrock-green suits lathered each other with sunscreen in front of the stage before leading a conga line through the party, oversized bottles of champagne their batons. Madness ensued, but in the best possible way. Two thumbs up for OMNIA security – the worst we saw go down was a phone in the pool.


Zedd at OMNIA Dayclub


Back to Herringbone for Dinner

Yes, we indulged in another three-course, forty-dish dinner at Herringbone because…when in Rome. Ceviches, fresh salads, octopus, seafood towers of oysters and crab claws – and those were just the apps.

Calvin Harris at OMNIA Dayclub

Squeezing our way into this party was a feat. The crowd was popping off, as they say. Though this space will continue to serve as a day club, it’s without question a hot, hot nightclub. The only problem being the pool, which ate up the space, forcing everyone to squeeze around it without falling in (it was a bit too cold for nighttime swims) throughout Calvin Harris’ incredible four-hour set. Mind you, it was now Saturday. Most guests had been in Cabo at least 24 hours at this point, and everyone had really hit their festi stride. Let’s just say, the evening was a success of monumental proportions. Harris played well past his set time, and a fireworks display synchronized to Katy Perry’s “Baby, You’re a Firework,” made everyone go f*cking nuts. And after hours and hours of soaking up the spectacle of crowds dancing on daybeds, ordering this many bottles, and basically climbing the walls to deep house – we escaped into the quieter confines of ShoreBar before calling it a night.


Calvin Harris at OMNIA Dayclub



Recovery Brunch

Ahhh, Sundays in Cabo. Inevitably, a wave of end-of-vacation sadness hits land, but it’s hard to stay sad at Vidanta. Birds chirped and the ever-kindly staff smized at us as we made our way, one last time, down the path to righteous salvation: brunch. Sunshine poured into the airy space at Casa Calavera, and a handful of us indulged in a final family meal. And what a meal to bid us adieu: french toast, huevos rancheros, enchiladas in mole sauce, chilaquiles, scrambled eggs with lobster. Some kind of effervescent tincture. Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee.
All in all, the perfect party weekend. By the looks of it, the first of many, many to come.


Above, Casa Calavera, the Skywalk at Vidanta Los Cabos
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