Oops! Top Google Accidents of the Week

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Google, the clumsy little family run company who’s unofficial motto is “Don’t get caught being evil,” says it’s been accidentally spying on you by accidentally cruising around the streets in high tech data gathering trucks on the prowl for open WiFi networks. Luckily for all involved, it was just an accident – that happens to coincide with their core business model of legally spying on people. Phew! In honor of Sergey Brin, let’s look at some other crazy accidents in the news this week.

Thai soldiers used real live bullets to mistakenly kill anti-government red shirt protesters in Bangkok, as well as an Italian journo covering the conflict.

Lindsay Lohan accidentally missed a court date in the US because she was stuck doing missionary work in the impoverished French village of Cannes.

A male escort from rentboy.com accidentally fell on the dick of a renowned anti-gay activist while carrying his luggage up to his balls. room.

Tour de France hero Lance Armstrong’s former teammate Floyd Landis swears he saw Armstrong accidentally getting blood transfusions in the back of a truck when he won the Tour in 2004.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, running for Christopher Dodd’s Senate seat, accidentally “misspoke” about serving in Vietnam. The random accidents occurred with increasing frequency as he ran for political office.

Actor Shia LaBeouf now admits he and others accidentally fucked up the Indiana Jones movies.

BP accidentally fucked up the entire ocean.

In Jamaica, a gentleman by the name of Orville Richard Burrell was once again apprehended shagging on the sofa, in the shower as well as on camera – then proclaimed his innocence via an undeniably catchy tune.