One Burns Night to Remember

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This Saturday I went to a rockin’ awesome party for 18th Century Scottish poet Robert Burns. Contrary to your skepticism of a party being rockin’ for a long dead poet you’re dead wrong. It was a night to remember, especially when my friend bespoke SoHo menswear designer Duncan Quinn throws it at the SoHo House! The event is dubbed Burns Night and is celebrated all around the world in honor of Robert Burns and I began my night of veneration by getting one of the most amazing massages I’ve ever had at The Cowshed Spa. I then floated my relaxed limbs to the steam room to steam out some toxins before putting them all back in and by getting intox-i-cated. After my thorough pampering I hit The Library for the event dinner featuring delicious Haggis (an acquired taste) only to find out I had missed the black tie memo and was completely ill-dressed for the occasion. However Duncan consoled me that that didn’t matter and once the Scotch was flowing, and everyone began paying their irreverent homage to Robert Burns; little could matter. Robert Burns was a great poet and if you want to find yourself an unforgettable time I suggest throwing a Burns Night!