Olympian Torah Bright on Post-Vancouver Life

The Winter Olympics (with all the glory and disasters) are now a blog post of the past–only the medals and memories remain. Oh and the athletes are still hot. One in particular, Torah Bright, made our list of the Top 25 Best Looking Olympians and went home with a gold souvenir from the women’s snowboard halfpipe. The Australian beauty, who comes from a family of athletes (brother Ben is her coach; older sister Rowena competed in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics), is planning a June wedding to equally hot American snowboarder Jake Welch, prepping her next line of Roxy By Quiksilver snowboarding garb and easing back into “normalcy”. We caught the Mormon brunette with the golden touch before she departs for the European X Games today.

What are you up to today? Preparing to leave for Europe. Being normal for the day. I’m going to the European X Games.

You said that you wanted to go sail the Greek Isles after Vancouver. Still the plan? Maybe for the honeymoon. We’re trying to figure out where to go now.

Are you planning the wedding? I’ve had a lot of help from friends and family. Later this evening, we’re going around to see a few places before I leave to see if any are interesting enough to hold the wedding.

How did your parents breed so many athletes? I want to say it’s the way they fed us when we were little. Mum used to make her own bread, she always used sugar alternatives and we were never allowed real sugar, we were never allowed chocolate. Once we went to school, we saw all this goodness that everybody else had. We turned into complete junk food-a-holics once we realized what we were missing out on. From the time we were born up until we went to school, I reckon that we never had a bad thing in our mouths.


Describe your Vancouver experience in 3-5 adjectives. All I can really say is that it was electric in the street, I was in awe of my whole experience. It was incredible, fun and everyone was loving being there.

Why do athletes bite their medals? Someone asked me to bite mine and I was like, “No way.” When I watched a replay of the medals ceremony, I realized that I kissed it. I didn’t bite it. I heard that someone broke their teeth biting the medal.

Did you Tweet about the Olympics? I try. I’m not the best at it, but I try. Facebook too.

Starstruck by any Olympians? I met Johnny Weir which was really cool. There were a few Australian Olympians who were coming over to do the broadcast. Growing up, Grant Hackett and Giaan Rooney were pretty big stars. It was cool to meet them.

Your face is going to be on an Australian postage stamp. Any documents you’d hate for your stamp to deliver? Nah. It’s just on the outside of an envelope. It doesn’t matter what’s inside.

What’s the secret for your signature move, the Switch Backside 720? Cool, calm, collected.

What was the best advice your brother gave you at game time? I fell on my first run and before the second run, he was up top and he was just like, “Do the best of your abilities. Just go and do it!”

What’d you do with your folks when they surprised you? I was dying. I was first to go in the final, in the last run, so I had to wait for everybody else to come down and then I had to go talk to the media and then I had drug testers that wouldn’t let me leave their sight. They weren’t going to let me go and see my family and I was so upset, so security let me give them a hug and I just couldn’t believe that they were there and then all night I was just hanging and waiting to get back to them and it was until, like, 3 am.

How’d you zone out during the competition? On the days that I wasn’t on the snow, I had a bath in my room. And I just took lots of hot baths with oils. It was really relaxing. On competition day, I actually ran into a little wax room and took naps on the studio bed throughout the day.

Which country has the best sportsmanship? The Japanese. They’re lovely and sweet and even if things don’t go their way, they’re still the same people and happy for you if you succeed too.

Fashion week in your future? I’m working on the 2011, 2012 lines now. I think I’m gonna get some help from the fiancé. He’s got a pretty good eye for fashion. The funny thing is, he knows how to work a sewing machine. I don’t.

How does he know how to work a sewing machine? I have no idea. Maybe the Boy Scouts or his mum.

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