Obama Disappoints Biggest Fan

imageFeeling low now that our President-Elect has prematurely undercut a better part of his grace and glory by asking Rick Warren to deliver his invocation before the inaugural speech? So do I! And we’re not alone! Shepard Fairey says this unfortunate choice has turned Time’s decision to use his piece of Obama art in homage to their Person of the Year into a bittersweet affair. “I understand that Obama is trying to appeal to conservatives and evangelicals, but this move is symbolically a slap in the face to many people,” he blogs. “Warren is not a uniter, but a divider … he is intolerant in many of his views. I still think Obama is the best choice for president.”

For those tuning in late (or just now overdosing on the Obama Kool-Aid), Rick Warren is a California-based pastor most noted for his vehement opposition to reproductive rights and gay marriage. In addition to making Warren a wet blanket on the inaugural speech festivities, his inclusion seems like a cynical, last-ditch attempt by the transition team to win back the Palinesque few who, short of a third Bush term, will never come over to Barack’s side of the tent.

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