Now You Sia, Now You Don’t

There we were, perched atop the balcony inside the Highline Ballroom waiting for Yelle to take the stage—which didn’t happen until 1:30 a.m.—when our friend picked out a bleach-blonde dancer amidst the mass and said, “Isn’t that Sia?”

We occupied the next thirty minutes by staring at the dancer with squinted eyes, while she cavorted frenetically to classic hits from classic dance acts like Cassius and Daft Punk. Unable to decide, we realized our curiosity needed quelling if we were to enjoy Yelle in peace. So downstairs, we went to tap Blondie on the back. We didn’t even have to ask, because face to face, there was little doubt it was indeed Sia. For some reason we revealed to her the most hideously obvious thing imaginable—that her song “Breathe Me” was responsible for our routine viewing of the “Six Feet Under” series-ending montage. She was pleased by the recognition and the gratitude we gushed on her, and we returned to our table upstairs, either pleased that we were the only ones in the venue who recognized her, or bashful that we were the only ones mawkish enough to acknowledge it. Check out Sia with a condom on her head here!

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