Not Without My Yoga!

The New York Times has found yet another way to write about yoga (see last week’s piece ‘Chocolate and Chakras‘). This week, they break the news that people want yoga when traveling! Even if they’re staying in a chain hotel! Chekitan S. Dev, a professor of marketing at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, says “yoga is becoming a must-have amenity,” like internet access. Really now.

According to the article, Hyatts and Marriotts are featuring yoga classes on their on-demand channels, while those crazy Kimpton kids have mats and straps upon request. We’ve also encountered yoga mats awaiting us in our room at the Mandarin Oriental (leaving us to ponder if we could take it with us). Luxury hotels are also increasingly offering real live yoga classes through their spas for a fee.

I’m sure it’s all lovely and relaxing, but it sorta begs the question: if you’re really so dedicated to your yoga practice, do you really need some mediocre TV-yoga at the Hyatt to work through your sun salutations? We love yoga as much as the next bobo, but calling it a must-have amenity akin to internet access is a bit much. Unless you’re talking about a health spa or retreat, yoga goodies are just another thing for the average hotel to put on their website to get you in the door.

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