New York is not LA. If it was, New Yorkers would have the very Vanilla routine of having the same “hot” place to go to on specified days of the week. For example, if I were in LA tonight I’d probably follow my friends to MyStudio for some newish Tuesday night party, maybe following it up with a house party. One of the reasons for this uniform, night-by-night partying is because people have to drive in LA. Not so for New Yorkers, which is why parties custom-fit for a specific night of the week are hardly sustainable: to say that Brinkley’s has an awesome Tuesday night party this week could mean nil for next Tuesday. Blame it on our ADD, our BBM Messenger full of flighty friends, and our ability to walk just about anywhere our hearts desire. But there are a few parties that keep us interested, and have proven their longevity thanks to a close knit following of people who put down their mobile device long enough to enjoy their surroundings. Here are a couple of options for every night of the week.

Party: reOPENed at Santos Party House Featuring: DJ Just Blaze and DJ Soul Upstairs with DJs Gravy, Max Glazer and MC Micro Don downstairs. Day: Friday Night Residency Accolades: Our Steve Lewis had this to say about the party: “It’s classic hip-hop, house, soul classics, electronic disco and absolutely fantastic. The crowd is a dance crowd, mixed and hot. That’s writers speak to say that there are more non-white people there than in most of the so called “great clubs” around town.”

Party: Shakin All Over Under Sideways Down Featuring: Home Sweet Home has always been a little gem of a place for music lovers, and this party follows suit. Jonathan Toubin spins soul, garage rock, girl-group material, glam, punk, and rockabilly amid the cute LES gremlins who like that sort of thing. Day: Thursday nights through February 2011.

Party: The Freedom Party Featuring: Le Poisson Rouge host a pretty serious hip-hop party Day:

Party: Featuring: Day:

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