Nightlife Celebrates BTTF with Drink Specials at Cielo, Griffin, and Taj II

Most New York nightlife denizens either feel like they’re too important to stand in line, refuse to go anywhere that’s not the “It” place of the moment, or spend their evenings staring blankly at one another—or all three. So it’s refreshing to be amongst a group of people who’ve chosen to go out at night to make a difference. Last night, members and supporters of the Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) gathered at Griffin to kick off a month-long promotion in partnership with nightlife favorites like Cielo, the Griffin, and Taj II. The program collects profits from the venues’ specially designed signature cocktails to raise money for BTTF’s local program, which facilitates free mammograms, diagnostic follow-up, surgeries, and cancer treatment for patients without health insurance in NYC. It’s an example of how nightlife can serve a real purpose.

Now, when you head to Griffin and purchase their signature French 75, or Taj II’s Budina, or Cielo’s delish Ocean Dream, you’ll be imbibing for a reason. The proceeds from these luscious cocktails go to to a local New York woman in need. You can get these cocktails (that come in conjunction with a special donation line on your bill, so you can add any extra amount at your leisure) through August 27th.

image Executive Director Janice Zaballero, right, with Co-Chair Amanda Dell.

image Lilly Kim with friends.

image Dr. Julia Smith, BTTF Medical Director with Dr. Janna Andrews and former BTTF Board Member, Paulina Rogawski.

image Red Hot PR and Scallywag & Vagabond contributor Ricardo Garcia, with friends.

image Janice Zaballero with BlackBook’s Cayte Grieve.

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