Nightclub Panel Sets The Standard

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Le Bain at the Top of the Standard

On Tuesday night I headed over to the Standard Hotel, the one by the High Line not the East Village newbie. It doesn’t take much to get me to the Standards as I just think they are grand hotels, fabulous playgrounds. I’ve done just about everything I ever do there at one time or another. This time I was there to catch The Standard Talks hosted by Sunny Bates at Le Bain. It was a club kids roundtable with Ladyfag, Anita Sarko, David Rabin, and Bruce Tatum. It was a lively discussion with each of the panelists giving intelligent and witty responses, especially as the booze was… accumulated. Sunny Bates is marvelous.

Ladyfag was funny, well informed, enlightening, and often brutal as a stray dumb question was offered up. I am counting the hours until her 11:11 party at Openhouse (244 East Houston Street), this and every Friday. Ladyfag’s vision of what makes a great party is shared by me and the panel as a whole.

Anita Sarko was brilliant in her firm demand to keep the creativity in the party. Her uncompromising DJ offerings have held the night for decades. She was a mainstay at legendary spots like Area, Danceteria, Mudd Club, and Palladium. At one point she was among the top five DJs in this town, and you didn’t have to say “women DJs”. Anita hosts Sarko Taylor Bar, a weekly radio show on SiriusXM.

David Rabin while inventing Lotus with his partners defined The Meatpacking District. Lotus was the forerunner of all that goes bump in the night now for the well-heeled bottle set. He was the president of the New York Nightlife Association, owned a bunch of other places, and on Friday I will visit his Bar Nana and/or Skylark Lounge.

Bruce Tatum, until a moment ago, was the nightlife editor of Time Out NY. He has DJed at Max’s Kansas City, Limelight, Centro-Fly, and Studio 54. His insights into the evolving music scene anchored the panel.

I came away from it amazed, as I didn’t disagree at any time with what was being said. I picked up quite a few things. The balance of creativity with making money was what I believe people took away from it. I can’t wait for the next session. As we were leaving Anita, was DJing tracks that I didn’t recognize but needed to hear.

I must mention the Red Bull Music Academy with its events plastered all over the walls of the hipper subway platforms. The lineup is incredible and is in form tonight with Bounce Ballroom at the Brooklyn Bazaar (165 Banker Street) starting at 8 p.m. On the bill are DJs Bobby Konders, DJ MikeQ, and MC Kevin JZ Prodigy, Todd Terry, DJ Sliink and Mike Gip, Brian Coxx, and more. This Redbull thing is a month of fun and I strongly suggest a serious look.