New York: Top 10 Tuesday Night Hotspots

It seems like slim pickings for a Tuesday party prowl. Perhaps many are in hangover recovery courtesy of their Friday to Monday weekend. Most are waiting it out for humpday. But as we anticipate a heatwave, these hot spots emerge. Break out of your comfort zone, put off buying that AC unit, and join the rest of the denizens of the anti-day scene.

Happy Ending (Lower East Side) – If you’re still mourning the loss of pre-Giuliani New York, get a quick whiff here courtesy of the Tuesday night “Six Six Sick” party. Interesting fashion ensembles keep the nightlife photographers clicking; booze-drenched girls falling out of their interesting ensembles keep the nightlife photographers clicking in the tile-shower stalls. Things are a neon-bright messy in this massage parlor-cum-bar-cum-literary-hang-cum-on-your-blue dress. ● Home Sweet Home (Lower East Side) – The speakeasy vibe is peppered with middle-school nostalgia thanks to the Tuesday night “4 Page Letter – The Aaliyah Tribute Party.” Feels like a locals-only event or a junior high gathering, except everyone is friends thanks to DJs Nicholas Kratochvil, Florencia Galarza, and Scott Meriam pumping 90s throwbacks and R&B tracks. And there’s no running out because Sarah decided to dance with your crush when KC & JoJo started playing. We’re all grown-ups here.

Black & White (Greenwich Village) – “East Side Social Club” has been keeping the Tuesday-night rock star off-duty thing going strong for almost three years now. The leather jacket/skinny jean average is broken up with multiples of swingy skirts, fedoras, and costume jewels, recalling the days of sock hops and jive talk — or just the golden Beatrice days. DJs look as good as they sound and will put your Doris Day get-up to shame. Go late to save yourself from the early game of trivia. ● Angels & Kings (East Village) – The kids call it “Trainwreck Tuesdays,” but it’s also the epicenter of guyliner, flat-ironed bangs, and hoodies thanks to Pete Wentz, the demi-god of such who also happens to own the joint. The crowd looks like pop-star minis; Pink sipping PBR in the corner is actually that chick from your bio class. Ashlee Simpson leaning against the blood-red wall is actually, oh wait, it is Ashlee Simpson. ● Marquee (Chelsea) – Maybe it’s all of those commercials Wass has been in lately. Perhaps it’s the heightened entertainment brought about by watching PYTs fall down those stairs. For whatever reason, Jason and Noah’s “Tuesdays, Baby Tuesday” is still packing in six-foot Slavic princesses and the suckers who love them. It’s a Harvard fact. Though the gene pool is dwindling, the classic Tuesday vibe still abounds. Though this time around, you and your hard-headed pals wont have to bribe a bouncer. ● Kingswood (West Village) – This basement bar has nothing to do with the Aussie eats upstairs. Not as packed as the “Baddies” Thursday-night to-do, this Tuesday night is hyped to be chill. A pleasant stop-off for some West Village wandering — if not for the mixology, at least for the people-watching. Pretty girls and prettier boys sprawl on the banquettes, smoking. Literally and figuratively speaking. ● Griffin (Meatpacking District) – Former PM relaunched as a new hotspot fueled by NYC nostalgia, and on Tuesday nights, fueled by “Lust.” This party was meant to indulge your fantasies, and the ladies in lingerie and masks seem to confirm that. Seems to be bringing new zest to the Meatpacking, hit or miss. ● Lulu (Nolita) – If you’re hesitant to dive into midweek partying, the “Dinner Party” may be just the thing to ease you in. By no means is it a party with training wheels — Nicky Digital tells it like it is. “Why should dinner and partying be exclusive when you can combine the two?” A booze-drenched dinner amongst your favorite skinny-jean sightings. People-watching, ceviche, and Nolita at its finest, not to mention Nicky on hand to capture all of those memories you might want to forget. ● Hudson Terrace (Midtown West) – The view alone is enough to take your mind off of the 9-5, and the post-work cocktails will let your mind slip even further. “Sunset on the Terrace Tuesdays” bring in weekly mixologists and cocktail tastings which last all summer from 5-10pm, with the classic after-work 2-for-1 special from 5-7pm. ● Rose Bar (Gramercy) – Tuesday nights are fun, indeed, but Ian Schrager’s model filled, cozy hall seems to be every Manhattanite’s favorite place- whether they’ve been there or not. And with the tight door, family like atmosphere, and devastatingly good looking crowd; why wouldn’t it be? Never the less, Tuesdays are particularly chummy, slide into a sexy booth and make eyes at your model girlfriend to-be under the big art (Basquiat, Twombly, and…Schnabel). For updated party information, check out this weekly curated list on where to go and what to do all week long.

Got more ideas for Tuesday or other weekly parties? Let us know.

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