New York: Top 10 Monday Parties

Butter (Greenwich Village) – Butter Mondays, but what else is new? This party has defied New York City’s attention-deficit disorder pandemic since 2002. ● Johnny Utah’s (Midtown West) – Nobody said Monday-night dancing had to be classy; instead, this midtown saloon hypes their bull-riding challenge for all the pretty service industry folks.

Antik (Greenwich Village) – Maybe your fifth martini at the Bowery Hotel put you in the mood to get a little sloppy on a Monday night. Luckily, Antik still draws a mixed crowd as sloppy as you, just across the street. ● Star Lounge (Chelsea) – East End favorite of Hampton jitney-ites takes over Serena in downstairs lair of Chelsea Hotel. Ignore the crowd who suddenly thinks they’re something special and enjoy the floor while Mondays are still decently hyped. ● Greenhouse (Soho) – Word on the street is that Greenhouse is packing it in on Monday nights. Watch Zach Braff smoke some green while you enjoy the LEED-certified bamboo-wood dance floor with fellow eco-nuts. ● Le Souk (East Village) – Garden in the back competes with a tent, hookahs, lanterns, and 9pm belly dancing for your limited attention. Blaring dance soundtrack might have you forgetting about your food, too. ● Lit Lounge (East Village) – The HUGS party with DJs Josh Wildman and Andrew Kwo keep the ain’t-we-shit set on their patent leather toes. And yes, you will need a shower immediately following. ● Cielo (Meatpacking District) -Deep Space house heads maintain rarefied air in a dimming sky. Outdoor haven for your sneakarette habit. Party has been haute for six years, a rare ‘cheers-esque’ meeting place for dance fans. ● Darkroom (Lower East Side) – For the really terrible weekend withdrawals, “M” at Darkroom offers free PBR from 11 to 12 p.m. and special guest DJs fit for dancing and sweaty basement-bar enthusiasts. ● Above Allen (Lower East Side) – Survivors from Le Royale’s Monday night jams take over the Thompson LES’ room with a view, except with more models and promoters. Great music yes, but this is more of a taking-in-the-view kind of place than a loosing-your-shit-on-the-dancefloor kind of party.

The Eldridge was replaced by Cielo for this Monday night list. The Eldridge is closed for private events on Mondays, and Cielo was unfairly overlooked. For updated party information, check out this weekly curated list on where to go and what to do all week long.
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