New York: The Best Places to Watch Tiger Tee-Off

It’s time to strategically plan your lunch breaks, people! Tomorrow, at precisely 1:42 p.m. Tiger Woods will try to put the past behind him with a single swing of his golf club. CBS president Sean McManus compared Tiger’s return to the Obama inauguration in terms of media coverage and audiences, and while he might be overshooting a little, we get his point. The Tiger Woods scandal has engulfed the national psyche for the last four months, and tomorrow serves as a climax of sorts. After this weekend, it’ll be business as usual for the world’s best golfer. You could easily stream tomorrow’s event from your desk, but this is a sporting event, and tradition states that they should be watched from establishments with liquor licenses. If you’re in New York, and frankly who isn’t, here’s where you should be watching the festivities.

Rick’s Cabaret: With as many flatscreens as there are strippers, this is the perfect mix of sports in sex. In other words, it’s Tiger Woods in strip club form. (The food ain’t bad either.) 40/40: The perfect mix of sports bar and the same kind of bottle service sleaze that got Tiger in this mess in the first place. The Ainsworth: For those of you whose offices are located in Chelsea or Flatiron, there is enough space and enough flatscreens to leave all views unobstructed. ESPN Zone: If it weren’t for ESPN, you wouldn’t even be watching, so pay them back by buying a beer and basket of potato skins, just to show your gratitude.

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