New York Openings: Alphabet City Beer Co., Malt & Mold

The craft beer craze has hit New York hard. Recent legislation in Albany encouraging microbrews is only upping the beer renaissance. Downtown newcomers Alphabet City Beer Co. (pictured) and Malt & Mold are showcasing fine Empire State suds, along with some other craft finds. Bring along your state-sanctioned growler. 

Alphabet City Beer Co. is two doors down from its wine sibling. The space has a coffee shop feel with leather seats, a chandelier from the Puck Building, and a huge raw-wood communal table. Huge does not even begin to describe the bottled beer selection, with 350 on hand for your horizon-broadening pleasure. A dozen more come off the tap lines. Free WiFi helps settle pesky barguments. Petite take-out shop Malt & Mold sells fifty craft beers, with eight tap lines handling growler duty. A smart cheese selection steers mostly domestic, with a few rare imports. Complete your gourmet spread with chocolates, yogurts, vinegars, and cured meats. With the way New York is going after craft beer, there should be plenty of room for coexistence with Top Hops, which joined the neighborhood brew party in earlier this year. 

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