New York Falls for Water

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is taking over New York. His exhibit “Take Your Time” currently spans MoMA and its edgier Queens appendage, P.S.1. His work is included in the recent Icelandic Art exhibit at the Scandinavia House. And his Spatial Vibration show Tanya Bonakdar Gallery just closed in early June.

And now he’s got these waterfalls. Don’t even pretend you haven’t heard of them. They’re 90 to 120 ft high, and there was so much fanfare in the weeks leading up to their unveiling yesterday that we wanted to be able to brush it off the way we brush off Mary-Kate sightings.

But truthfully, they’re kind of cool. Even cooler than Mike Bloomberg’s last pet project, Christo and Jean Claude’s The Gates in Central Park. The Gates never had a hydraulics designer, and there’s something about water that everyone can relate to (we are, after all, mostly composed of it). And while we probably won’t want to be caught in their spermicidal spray, it’ll make many a weekend picnicking by the East River that much more pleasant. They’ll be up through October.

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