This New Year’s Eve, Life is But a Dream

As the New Year flies at us, it is easy to lose the message. Today I will talk of a celebration, an option to say goodbye to the old year and hello to 2014—but I will also pause before the mayhem to remember an old friend who should be remembered well. Tom Thompson disappeared from my life about a year and change ago. Our circles didn’t link, our paths didn’t cross, our stars didn’t align. Now I find he has passed around December 4th from a cancer he seemed to be unaware of until it was too late.

Tom was a manager at various joints around town. He was honest, friendly and hard working. He was respected and genuinely liked by almost all—no small feat in this biz. He worked at such places as Adam’s Rib, 230 5th Avenue, Plumm, and NA. Tom was a Vietnam Vet and it always seemed to me he counted everyday as a blessing, every problem as relatively easy, every crises as survivable. He was cool under fire and had a strange believable smile. He always carried that deeper vision of the world that is essential to the job. Club owner Noel Ashman who worked with Tom for a long time said:

NY nightlife is a highly competitive industry, often causing lots of bitter infighting among its players. I can honestly say however that I never heard anyone utter a negative word about my friend and manager Tom Thompson. It is a true testament to his fairness and goodness that he was universally liked in a business where ‘talking smack’ is unfortunately often the norm. Tom was a hero Vietnam veteran (something he rarely spoke about) and a extremely hard worker who always looked out for everyone around him. I will miss working with him, and will miss the friendship we had. I will always be humbled amd honored that Tom Thompson called me a friend…RIP. This New Year when the door closes on 2013 my toast will be for Tom a gentleman to the end.

The game for New Years Eve is finding the spot that you will be happiest at. Considerations include budget, entertainment, transportation to and especially from and expectations, expectations expectations oh…and safety. The pro for New Year’s Eve is Jon Gabel of Joonbug who controls scores of venues and can place you in the right place and meet all the above criteria—except maybe to and fro. Joonbug takes over countless venues who get a rental and allow Jon the professional book their club therefore taking the work and worry from the venue. Club-goers get the same thing. Jon’s capable crew of professionals ensure you get what you expect.

Jon says:

NYE is the biggest night of the year, and since you are paying for it you might as well take the time to plan for it.   First decide who you want to spend NYE with then talk it out the following with them—bar? club? event space? hotel party? Yacht?  Lounge?  Big, medium, small party?  Then once you have an idea of the type and size talk about budget.   Now you are ready to choose a room, buy early as prices go up, talk about how much drinking you are going to do, if a lot plan for a car service if not then subway it is. has options for everyone. Cipriani: the biggest and best grand ball there is, Avenue: a true NYE Exclusive hot spot, Bounce Sporting Club: pure bar fun and letting loose, WIP: a club party with great dance music or just take a cruise on the Empress Yacht. So many more choices, take a look and call in and find what is right for you.

Always a great choice is the Dream Downtown Hotel which offers multiple rooms and professional service. New Year’s Eve is taken very seriously so that you can be less serious. This year Macklemore is going to rush down from the Times Square Ball Drop to host. Jonathan Schwartz a partner at Strategic Hospitality is the man in charge of this years blow out and I asked him all about it.

Why DreamDowntown this year ?

The Dream Downtown NY, we think, has become the go-to for New Yorkers who want a real party on New Years Eve, as well as the top tourist traveling from far and near.  With the Dream Downtown offering three amazing rooms (PHD, Gallery Event Space, and Below the Dream) we feel we are the only property in NYC to have something for EVERYONE.  We have the best view in NYC arguably with PHD rooftop, best event space with the Gallery, and most cosy high end room with “Below the Dream”

How has marketing on NYE changed over the years ?

Marketing has changed in that the consumer wants more, the stakes have been up’d!  So we will over the best Venue(s), Service, Talent with our Host Macklemore, and give the best guest experience and it is this Guest experience we are marketing Via : Online presents, word of mouth, emails, and online Marketing.

 How much does the brand sell the night oppose to the package?

The brand sells! Dream downtown is an amazing hotel and most popular amount the nightlife community.  The package also sells: Mackelmore as the host, music by DJ Reach, Francis, Joey, DJ L, and NEw york’s top hosts referring an amazing crowd rounds out our NYE package, oh and out 4 hour open bar, champagne toast at midnight, live feed of the ball drop, and much much more!!

What does the talent mean to the crowd? Hows does it define the night?

Talent is an awesome add on and Macklemore will draw a music forward, fun and affluent crowd who is aware of his pop culture and draw right now as he is Nominated for seven Grammy’s!  This should bring in a high end crowd of New years eve veterans.

Tell me about DJ selection.

We chose the DJ’s for the Dream Downtown based on having a perfect hybrid of all genres of Music (hip hop, house, EDM, rock, 80’s and all the hits you’d want to hear on a night like New years eve!

Is the night reflective of the clubs year long brand or is NYE a separate thing?

Dream Downtown is unique in that I think its reflective of the brand all year round.  Same great service, space “cool factor” with Mackelmore, great location, and all the same staff in place the other 364 days of the year!  We want to give people the Dream Downtown hospitality experience for guests who are returning, and also those who are new so they can see it exceeds the hype! Other venus in NYC are often rented out and are a bit off brand although can still be great parties as well.

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