New Back Room at Café Select: No Name, All Game

imageAccording to BlackBook’s version of Charlie’s Angels (our crack all-girl team of nightlife assassins), the somewhat informal back room of Cafe Select will open in the near future as a full-fledged, separate entity — meaning we’re in for another Serge Becker-helmed, hush-hush hottie. Currently, the bi-level space has a La Esquina vibe with entrance only possible straight to the back of the restaurant and through the kitchen. Its hours of operation, for select (get it?) friends of the house, run from Thursday to Saturday, usually until 3 a.m., depending on the restaurant’s closing time.

Las chicas BlackBook tell us that in the next few weeks what we’ll call the “Back Room at Cafe Select” (it remains officially nameless at this point, though “The Boiler Room” may be an option) will begin admitting patrons through the delivery grate on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant — which conveniently leads to the side door of the lounge space. The spot holds 60 heads, has a gritty, cement feel, and is covered in Christmas decor that seems to be staying up for a bit. With no space for a DJ booth, it’s the owners usually making music selections, and a bar is tucked into the alcove under the stairs. An exact date for the backdoor club’s full independence remains uncertain, so give the secret knock on the delivery grate to get an answer in a few weeks. Bon chance!

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