Never Sleep Alone: A Show Designed to Hook You Up

Do you want to meet hot people? Do you want to have sex? Do you like music? Then get a front-row seat to Never Sleep Alone, the New York Times-acclaimed show designed to hook you up. 

In this appropriately named performance by sexual psychologist and music therapist Dr. Alex Schiller at Joe’s Pub, the Dr. dispenses advice from her book Get Laid or Die Trying, performs some sex-infused pop songs, and encourages mingling (and occasionally on-stage makeouts) between all the rows and legions of single people in attendance. If you’re feeling timid, just sign up for the more expensive “voyeur” seat in the back and watch the action unfold.
“Single straight males should sit with single straight females,” says the Dr. “Hot gays with hot gays, older rich men with younger drunk women. Why sit with people you find sexually irrelevant?”
Performances begin this Friday, March 2nd at 11:30pm, and continue every Friday in March. Each ticket includes free access to a post-show after party at an always-secret and sexy location.
Note: Clean your apartment before the show –  there’s a very good chance you’ll be bringing someone back. 
Never Sleep Alone crowd
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