MTV Puts the M Back in MTV

Remember when MTV used to be all about the music, man? If you don’t, then you’re probably too young understand (and also too young to have legal sex with me), but back in the day there were these things called music videos and sometimes Alicia Silverstone would be in the videos getting her bellybutton pierced, and late at night these two cartoon bros named Beavis and Butthead made of fun of the videos and drooled over Alicia Silverstone and everyone was happy. Then reality TV took off and everything changed. These days, if you want to see bands lip-synching, you’ve got to watch live sporting events. But good news for music fans: MTV has just launched something really cool called $5 Cover Seattle, a web docudrama about the current Seattle music scene featuring music, interviews, backstage footage, and all that fun stuff.

The series is the brainchild of post-Mumblecore director Lynn Shelton, a Seattle resident who’s primarily known for her fun indie feature, HumpDay, about two guy friends who decide to make a gay porn together. $5 Cover is a whole different beast, and certainly worth more than $5. (Though, of course, you can stream it for free!)

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