Morning Links: Ted Williams in Rehab, Natalie Portman Goes Topless

● Another day, another celebrity pregnancy: Kate Hudson is pregnant with her second. The year in celebrity spawning continues. [People] ● Having done some thinking during his court-ordered stint in a mental institute, Gucci Mane got a three-scoop ice cream cone marked “Brrr” and a red lightning bolt tattooed on his face upon his release. [Source] ● Golden voiced Ted Williams is entering rehab at the urging of Dr. Phil, thus completing the full course of his celebrity cycle. [PopEater]

● Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, and Robert Pattinson are among those announced as presenters for this Sunday’s Golden Globes. Everybody wins! [PopEater] ● Fox News is worried about what Olivia Munn’s latest Maxim cover means for the children. Wal-Mart, arbiters of all things America, won’t be carrying the offending issue. [Fox] ● Natalie Portman went topless in her new ad for Miss Dior Cherie. Topped with a bow, she’s more cute than scandalous. [Celebuzz]

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