Morning Links: Roseanne Barr Returns to Sitcom, Justin Bieber Doesn’t Get Why You Think He’s a Brat

● Now that Rebecca Black is so famous, the kids at school can’t seem to quit it with the day of the week jokes. The teasing has gotten so bad that her mom has decided to home school Black. [TMZ] ● Cynics be gone! Jennifer “Baby” Grey things the Dirty Dancing remake is going to be special. [USA Today] ● Great news – Roseanne Barr is returning to the wonderful world of sitcom with a project called Downwardly Mobile, a show that sounds almost exactly like Roseanne. Viva la Roseanne revolution. [THR]

● Former fameball Paris Hilton is growing old and getting serious, heading to the Philippines this weekend where she’ll announce her first commercial real estate venture. Daddy Hilton couldn’t possibly have had a hand in this. [PageSix] ● Drake has confirmed that, along with the previously reported hand from Steve Wonder, his buddy The Weeknd has been helping him out with Take Care. “Not only did he inspire me to get out there and sing better on stage, he inspired me writing wise, music wise, just to better my product,” he said of his fellow Torontonian. [NahRight] ● The internet’s fallen head-over-Prada-ed heel for @CondeElevator’s anonymous dispatches from the Condé Nast elevator banks. If only we could figure out the genius behind it. Will the real @CondeElevator please stand up? [AtlanticWire] ● Justin Bieber has no idea why you think he’s a brat. [TMZ]

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