Morning Links: Possible Third SATC Movie in the Works, Victoria Beckham Is ‘Not Angelina’

● Sarah Jessica Parker says that she would be game for a third Sex and the City movie, because too much of a good thing can still never be enough. [LATimes] ● Thrilled to have George Clooney in town filming, a couple of Cincinnati artists created a Sistine Chapel-inspired mural for the actor called “God’s Gift to Women.” [PopEater] ● The video for “Hold It Against Me” finds Britney Spears shooting neon goo from her fingers during a fight with herself while her old videos play on the walls of whatever sort of space chamber she’s in. Not for you? There’s a new Radiohead song out, too, and Thom Yorke looks pretty cute in his bowler hat. [YouTube]

● With a fourth already on the way, Victoria Beckham hinted that a fifth child might not be totally out of the picture. Then she clarified, “Well, I’m not Angelina.” [Page Six] ● Apparently, the incarcerated club kid Michael Alig co-wrote a one-off musical about Lady Gaga called Cult of a Monstrous Child. “I promise a genuinely moving acoustic duet of ‘Poker Face’ as sung by Lady Gaga and Michael Alig,” said the director. [VV] ● Let them eat cake! Some guy named “Paz” crashed Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday last night, drank some free drinks, sang happy birthday, and stole her entire 70-pound cake. [FaceBook]

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