Morning Links: Palin & Trump Have Pizza Party, Justin Bieber Gives Foot Massages

● Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met at New York’s grimiest pizza parlor, Famiglia, in Times Square, where they picked at their slices with plastic utensils and thought about how awesome a pizza-party themed campaign could be. [NYDN] ● It’s hard to see past the fur boots and the hair poof, but if you look carefully, you’ll see that Snooki is wearing a post-accident neck brace. [Gawker] ● It seems like a terrible branding move, but Kim Kardashian wants to take her hubby’s name, meaning it’ll be Mrs. Kim Humphries from now on, thank you very much. [TMZ]

● Lady Gaga went broke planning her lavish Monster Ball Tour. “I actually went bankrupt,” she says, “and it was funny because I didn’t even know.” That said, Born This Way has sold over a million in the first week. [Page Six] ● If Selena Gomez’s expression is to be believed, Justin Bieber gives good foot massages. [Radar] ● Leo and Blake, on a yacht, looking tan, healthy, and in love. Seems hard to beat. Or join, even. It’s probably okay to hate them. [Celebuzz]

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