Morning Links: Kim Kardashian Outraged By Cosmo Cover, Ashley Judd Blames Editor for Hip-Hop Comment

● Amanda Bynes tweeted about the death of her four-month-old Pomeranian, Little Angel, last week. “For those asking if it’s too soon for me to get a new puppy, it isn’t too soon,” she wrote, introducing her replacement pup, Tiara, to the twitterverse. [PopEater] ● Kim Kardashian, who has Armenian heritage, wasn’t pleased to find herself on the cover of Turkish Cosmo this month, coinciding with Genocide Remembrance Day. This is not the first time Kim has been upset by a magazine cover bearing her image, though this sort of post pub-date outrage must be good for sales. [TMZ/Kim Kardashian] ● Nicki Minaj puts her clothes on first and then decides on a wig. “Never did I think I would be rocking the Marge Simpson, so shout out to Marge.” [ONTD]

● Drake’s really too young to be looking so old: A look back at his un-raperly sweater collection. Is it time for a new stylist? Oliver, we’re looking at you. [NYM] ● Bloggers beware: Donald Trump is the nastiest line-editor in the game. [VF] ● An excerpt of Ashley Judd’s forthcoming memoir, wherein she calls hip-hop “the contemporary soundtrack to misogyny,” garnered responses from everyone from Questlove to Tyler, the Creator. She’s since apologized via Russell Simmons’ Global Grind site, but she’d like you to know that the offensive slip was her editor’s fault, too: “Thumbs down to all of us for not having the sensitivity and acuity to catch the paragraphs might be hurtful.” One for all and all for one. [AV Club]

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