Morning Links: Kat Von D & Jesse James Split, Justin Timberlake’s Comic Con Disguise

● Lindsay Lohan says that, contrary to the tabloid’s cries, she didn’t get drunk this weekend. “It’s strange how people can come up with such detailed lies,” offered one of her more astute friends. [TMZ] ● Settling months of rumors with a tweet, last night Kat Von D confirmed that she and Jesse James are officially over. “The distance between us was just too much,” James went on to tell People. [TheKatVonD/Twitter/People] ● Leighton Meester is suing her mother for using money she had set aside for her sick brother on things like plastic surgery and hair extensions. And in counter-suit, her mother Constance is claiming Leighton has failed to keep up with promised monthly support payments. And you thought your relationship with your mother was complicated. [E!]

● Dropping bombs: radio legend Funk Flex and the art of the radio premier. [The Daily] ● Justin Timberlake kept hush on the Comic Con floor by donning an Ernie — as in Bert and Ernie — disguise. [Huff Post] ● Kim Kardashian is worried that we are all going to find out about her psoriasis. Oh wait… [Us]

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