Morning Links: Gwyneth Paltrow Saved A Woman’s Life On 9/11, Will Smith Is Readying A Comeback

● Universal is using The Big Lebowski to launch their Social Theater on Facebook, an application with which allows viewers to stream movies for 30 Facebook credits or $3. The Dude of Facebook? ‘Like.’ [THR] ● Surely GOOP has touched at least a few lives, but we can’t say we expected to hear that Gwyneth Paltrow is saving lives, too! In this particular case, a woman claims she was late to work on 9/11 after Gwyneth nearly ran her over in a large SUV. [People] ● The Weeknd’s finally let go of his much anticipated second mixtape, Thursday, and it’s as as dark, sleazy, wonderful as the last. and features Drake. It’s available for free download from his site. [The Weeknd]

● Ashton Kutcher may be in trouble with the FTC for failing to fully disclose his investments in the special online issue of Details he guest edited. The issue sang praise of several online start-ups, many of which he plays a heavy financial-hand in. [NYT] ● Heads up Big Willy fans: hip-hop producer La Mar “Mars” Edwards says he’s working with Will Smith on a comeback. [XXL] ● Anne Hathaway warmed up for her roll as Catwoman by watching videos of cats on YouTube. If that’s all it takes, it’s safe to say we’d be ready too. [Interview]

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