Morning Links: ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie in the Works, Kirsten Stewart Makes Obvious Statement

● Connie Britton (Tami Taylor) says that a Friday Night Lights movie is “happening for realsies.” They’ve got a producer and someone to write the script. “It’s really just a matter of … getting everyone’s busy schedules aligned and making it happen,” Britton told Us Weekly.[Us] ● Willow Smith got a verse from Nicki Minaj for her latest single, “Fireball.” New colors will need to be invented before they can make the music video. [NahRight] ● In a sad, slurred, and often unintelligible tape played for jurors yesterday, Michael Jackson makes clear the pain he felt for his lost childhood, and the children he befriended. “I love them. I love them because I didn’t have a childhood,” he mumbles. “I feel their pain. I feel their hurt.” [NYDN]

● Kristen Stewart says she has a boyfriend, and that he’s English, but that you’ll have to Google the rest because “It’s like, Come on, guys! It’s so obvious!” [E!] ● Tabloids be damned, Jennifer Aniston isn’t all that “desperate” to have a baby. And who could blame her? She probably has a fun life. [People] ● Courtney Love says that if Kurt came back right now, she would “have to kill him.” Well, actually, “I’d fuck him,” she said, and then she’d “fucking kill him.” Guess the drugs and depression made him a handful! [Vanity Fair] ● Yoko Ono will be selling John Lennon’s lithographs and serigraphs and drawings for the next four days from a pop-up shop in SoHo. Get ’em while they last! [Page Six]

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