Morning Links: Bloomberg Upset by Diddy’s NYPD Escort, Lindsay Lohan Blames Mercury for Her Woes

● Mayor Bloomberg wasn’t pleased to hear that the NYPD provided Diddy with a police escort to his New Jersey afterparty last week. Diddy’s people claim that the mogul “was stuck,” and the apparently well-connected dry cleaner who arranged for the special ride says it “all happened last-minute.” [NYP] ● Video game company Gate Five is suing “diva grinch” Beyonce for $100 million for pulling out of a dance game, causing the company to lay off 70 employees a week before Christmas. [Page Six] ● Gwyneth Paltrow has been following her muse lately, but calling her grandmother a cunt on Chelsea Lately yesterday might have been taking things too far. “She must’ve been in a lot of pain,” said Paltrow, “because she was mean as hell.” [NYDN]

● Lindsay Lohan had a rough Good Friday in court and is now blaming the planets for her woes. “Mercury must be in retro-grade,” she told Jay Leno last night. Which, okay, on Friday it was! [Gawker] ● thinks it’s a turn-off for girls to have condoms. “That’s just tacky,” he told Elle. That he admitted that his mom made him masturbate for the first time when he was 19, which makes us think things are…complicated. [Elle] ● Having signed off Governator duty, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to suit back up as the Terminator. Apparently, he and Fast Five director Justin Lin are shopping a new sequel to studios, a sequel we can only imagine will involve more chiropractors and ice-packs than previous iterations. [HR]

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