Morning Links: 50 Celebrities Hit by Hackers, Rebecca Black Feels Cyberbullied

● Someone has finally figured out how to tap one of our nation’s richest and saddest resources. According to TMZ, 50 celebrities have been targeted by a “hacking ring.” Vanessa Hudgens has already talked with the FBI about her leaked nudes, and apparently Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, and Justin Bieber lady-friend Selena Gomez are among the 50 who have been targeted. ● Lil Wayne is “so finished” with Tha Carter 4, and unless his manager Cortez Bryant decides to “stop sitting on it (no homo)” sooner, it should be out May 16. [MTV] ● Billy Ray Cyrus announced yesterday on The View that he’s dropped the divorce in order to put his family back together. And according to him, it’s working: “I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened.” [People]

● Taylor Swift will be voicing Zac Efron’s sweetheart in Illumination’s upcoming CGI adaptation of Dr. Suess’s environmentally friendly classic, The Lorax. But there is no love story, or even a female character really, in the original, so purists be warned: this is not so much an adaptation. It’s more like a movie where Efron’s love-struck character falls in love with a girl and happens to read The Lorax. If sad Dr. Suess adaptations past are any indication, maybe this way is best. [HR] ● Ashley Greene, newly freed from Joe Jonas, wore her green pants out yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with Kings of Leon bassist and Miley Cyrus text boyfriend Jared Followill. If this is “a thing”, Miley and Nick have get back together for some sort of revenge, right? [PopSugar} ● Rebecca Black is having a hard time with her pre-mature fame. “At times, it feels like I’m being cyberbullied,” she said of the negative criticism her, uh, “lo-fi” viral hit “Friday” has garnered. Kicking in the front seat or sitting in the back seat, she might want to buckle up. [DailyBeast]

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