Montreal: Top Ten Hipster Hangouts

Tokyo (Plateau) – The perfect crossection of played Vice aesthetic and lower St-Laurent douche baggery. Weekends are filled with dudes from Boston who heard that this was “the spot”, but making an appearance on the massive terrace for Wednesday Rock night is a must for those who know, i.e. us. ● Casa Del Popolo (Mile End) When Spin magazine pegged Montreal as the “next big thing” in 2005 (much to the dismay of scene purists), this quaint indie music hub was its unofficial headquarters. The buzz train has since left town, but the cute girl with the pixie cut and flower print dress reading a dog-eared copy of Moby Dick in the corner, hasn’t. ● Bar Korova (Plateau) – Classic table-top video games, tawdry PBR signs, religious icons, a giant stuffed caribou head, neon sunglasses hovering over a DJ that spins dream pop, krautrock, no-wave, and post/proto-nu rave (of course). This place is what hipster diarrhea looks like.

Euro-Deli (Plateau) – Saunter through the doors of this brick-walled pizza joint after a heavy night out, order an Americano and a greasy cheese slice (Montreal’s best), rest your bleary head on the steps outside, light a Peter Jackson, and make fun of the people walking by for not having the ability to express themselves through fashion. ● Green Room (Mile End) – One of the few bars not on the main drag that keeps the cool kids coming. Cheap beer and claustrophobic dancefloor equal “did I really do that?” morning afters. Memorable moment: Heath Ledger pays an impromptu visit, hipsters pretend not to care. ● Blue Dog Motel (Plateau) – Nouveau reincarnation of fabled hip hop dive has been neatly embraced by fickle St Laurent scene. Busty Bartenders, brazen b-girls, and the odd free keg on the dancefloor already make this new haunt the stuff of legend. ● Le Pistol (Plateau) – The Arcade Fire of Montreal bars. It opened with a bang, was cool for a couple of years, and now although mostly empty, we all still secretly love it. UPDATE: Yes, it’s sad but true. Pistol has closed. Things aren’t looking to good for Arcade Fire. ● Blizzarts (Plateau) – Forearm tatoos are a badge of honour at this cozy lounge-cum art gallery, whose nondescript facade is an ideal tourist-repellant. Tucked away dancefloor is perfect for inconspicuous ragers, with leftovers usually spilling into the streets. Locals call it blizz, and we call it our favorite bar in the city. ● Saphir (Plateau) – This grimy St Laurent staple is a melting pot of Montreal subcultures; the only place where cyber-goths and Pete Wentz-wannabes can shake a leg without judgment. Four feet in the bathroom stall is the rule, not the exception. ● Bily Kun (Plateau) – For years, anthropologists have studied their mating patterns (all day, all night), their eating habits (poutine at Lafleurs) and their tribal song (Malajube). Still, evidence of the French hipster remains inconclusive, but legend has it this murky lounge is where they go to tie a buzz.

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