MLK Weekend Is Here!

For the next two weeks, Sundays become important in clubland. This week, the three-day weekend as the nation honors Martin Luther King, creates an extra venue stream for clubs who are a little due to post-holiday poverty, a devastating cold spell and a lack of tourist dollars. Nobody comes here in January to party. There are many events planned for this Sunday, and I’ll recommend a few.

Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, and with this sporting event happening in the metropolitan area, there are tons of party dollars waiting to be scooped up. But first, we have some events tonight and Saturday night to tell you about.

Tonight Michael T—DJ, Party Organizer, Beauty Queen—will celebrate his 47th birthday…again, I think. Gosh, he must be 90 but they say 47, and people like Lee Chappell, Dina Marie, and Craig Shifty are invited—so it sounds like fun. This shebang is happening at the Maritime Hotel (363 W. 16th Street) from 9PM. Mr T herself will DJ along with Rich King, Lumpen-The Laptop-Hero, Mcknight, and Nita Aviance. The shebang will end at 1:30 AM and become a shindig over at Beauty Bar with DJ Omri S. Quire doing the music. I am totally captivated by the Rockabilly Rebel Night Show with the Delta Bombers at SrB in Brooklyn (177 2 Avenue.) My pal Calamity Cang and Cassandra Rosebeetle perform Burlesque and DJ Mr Fine Wine (WFMU) and DJ Sei, Jun and Hiromu spin in between everything.

The Delta Bombers will coming all the way from Las Vegas to play this one show for us. The Delta Bombers were formed in 2008 in Las Vegas by four young men with way too much tequila and del taco on their hands. The Delta Bombers first album “Howlin'” on Wild Records has earned them a spot in the national pantheon that is the rockin’ scene.”

Locals Sean Coleman and The Quasars open up.

It’s the end of an era as 285 Kent, a questionably legal space that entertained the all-ages Brooklyn musically hip scene, will close. It’s 285 Kent location, once a desolate destination, is now surrounded by high-rises packed with the baby stroller set and working class heroes. Tonight, tomorrow, and finally Sunday a billion bands will give the joint a proper send off. Props to Ric Leichtung and his team for making things happen. Additional props to Brandon Stosuy at Pitchfork and Todd Patrick. Go to Farewell 285 Kent on Facebook for showtimes and ticket info.

This Sunday, with almost everyone off work Monday, joints will open and popping. Here’s a quick list of recommends:

—The Continental Reunion soiree at 25 Third Avenue. It’s Trigger’s place of cheap booze that used to always have great bands.
—Well, here you go again with Charm School live. My pal Joy Rider who knows a thing (or three) says this will be awesome (she says things like that).
—John Davis will bring us to Webster Hall. The big incredibly sounding room will host a Body  & Soul MLK event. Of course DJ Francois Kevorkian will blow it up.
—Turntables on the Hudson will be a stone’s throw from that mighty river at Le Bain at The Standard, Highline (444 W. 13th Street.) That’s DJs Sid Vaga, Nappy G and Dj MKL. Its an early scene from 2PM till 9PM.
—I love the Oh! You Pretty Things: Bowie and Elvis Birthday Bash from that Birthday boy again Michael T, Benjamin Iclies and  Twigg the Wonderkind.  There will bands and DJs and dressing up fun, and I have a smile for it already. Oh, Pepper Mint will Emcee. I’m there ! Oh. where?  Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street.)
—DJ Max Glazr at Sutra Lounge (16 First Avenue) is street and sweet.
—The always amazing Susanne Bartsch, Kenny Kenny and their cast of thousands will be at Vandam (150 Varrick Street) for their I HAV(andam)E A DREAM gala.
—And finally, if I owe you cash or just want to hang with me, I will be at Horse Meat Disco at Output (74 Wythe, Brooklyn.) I’m going because the ultra fabulous Viva Ruiz invited me.

See you next week! Dress up, have fun, but also remember the man, Martin Luther King and all he has done for us all.

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