Miss Guy’s New Music Video Debut Tonight, Scott Hocken’s Bantam Birthday Bash Tomorrow

Tonight, Guy Furrow AKA Miss Guy will unleash her new music video of her new CD "Sometimes" at Tammany Hall. I’ve known Miss Guy since I was a misguided youth. She is a constant inspiration, amusement, and distraction – and what can be better than that? Tammany Hall remains a go-to spot for the eclectic downtown scene.

Tomorrow I will attend and even DJ a bit at Scott Hocken’s birthday bash at Bantam, which he has a piece of. Every joint has a defining night and Tuesdays at Bantam are just that. David Katz brings his show to the small-lish 17 Stanton Street spot and attracts a beautiful and hip crowd. They will come anyway – in spite of Scott’s birthday. Someone asked me how old he was and I replied that it was really a two-part question and then left it at that. Anyway, he is old enough to know better. I love listening to David Katz at his Electric Room gigs but haven’t caught his Skull Tuesday’s thingy at Bantam. He DJs, hosts, and lets guest DJs fill in. Elle Dee, one of my personal favorites, did 2 weeks ago.

Starting this Sunday and every Sunday, Lee Chappell will bring Cafe Panache: La Nouvelle Revue to the stage at The Darby. Performers like Shequida, Amber Ray, Dandy Wellington, David F. Slone, Gin Minsky, Topher, and Lady Circus will mix things up under the musical direction of Benjamin Ickies at this slamming restaurant. Lee is personally responsible for exploiting more mylar than any human in "herstory.”  The whole shebang has that champagne I adore and is hawking Beau Joie as its sponsor. It starts at 8:30 and I will be there, front and center.

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