Miller Lite Redefines “LGBT” With Gay Ad

What’s that? Gay guys don’t only drink Cosmopolitans and Blow Job shots? Well, it’s true, some of us like beer. Like a cool, refreshing Miller Lite. Ah, yes, sometimes I just want to hang out with my bois and catch up on Sex and the City reruns and throw back a few watered-down beers, because I lack a personality and a refined taste. Or at least that’s what Miller Lite would like me to believe with their ad campaign targeted to cool-guy gays across the country.

Behold, the Miller Lite ad featuring four (presumably) homosexuals just gayin’ it up all over town with their brews. So real! So natural. After all, it’s high time that the silly acronym "LGBT" be redefined—and why not shuffle those letters around? After all, what can you make "LGBT" stand for, anyway? "Lite Gays. Butt Tossing?" Nah, that doesn’t sound fun. LBGT sounds a lot more accurate. Lite Beer! Yes! Great Taste? You bet! 

Sure, there are no Ls or Ts (again, presumably) in the ad here, but, ah well, I suppose lesbians and transexuals can just switch to Bud Lite if they’re really offended, huh? 

(But seriously, here’s a tip to Miller Lite: there’s a difference between marketing to an audience and pandering to an audience. Why don’t you guys guess what your ad does to the LGBT community?)

Check out the full ad below:

lgbt miller lite

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