Milan Opening: Alessi

After half a decade of Ozark-woodsman-chic, now’s a great time to be reminded of just how much more fun it was when everyone you knew had Lilliput salt & pepper shakers and Anna G. corkscrews. Alessi’s unfailingly groovy, bright plastic household accessories jived particularly well with a pre-Milliennial positivity, eventually brought down by war and financial apocalypse.

So, a gleaming, resplendent new Milano flagship for the iconic Italian design purveyor brings promise for a return to that feeling. There’s even a room called the Wunderkammer! In total, the four interior spaces each represent a distinct faction of the Alessi ideology, with the Set room featuring a rotating series of exhibits, and the wildly playful Museum room meant to evoke just that: shopping in a museum. Martí Guixé’s design makes reverential references to Alessi’s glittering history with artfully clever graphics throughout. A staggering collection is on offer, which is practically a treatise on modern design.

It’s location on the Via Manzoni means that Alessi finally takes its rightful place along design’s veritable street of dreams.

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