Milan: Archimedes Light @ Nottingham Forest

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imageNottingham Forest is a quirky little bar, perfect for the daily apertivo in Milan. The drinks are nothing short of bizarre. Menu highlights include the smoking absinthe cocktail, the syringe-filled watermelon “cube” drink, and a chocolate-rum option that comes with a little vial of peppermint spray (evoking memories of Binaca sprays from the 1990s). Like the menu, the setting is eccentric, filled with tchotchkes from all over the world. Golden Buddhas sit next to fossilized sea animals next to African masks. Perhaps the ultimate beverage on offer is the truly odd Archimedes Light.

Beautiful in presentation, this one goes straight to your head.

Archimedes Light

In the white glass: • 2.5 oz. orange juice • 2.5 oz. cranberry juice, • 2.5 oz. strawberry juice • pour over ice

In the blue glass: 2.5 oz. white vermouth 2.5 oz. champagne Add straw and enjoy. €8 during apertivo (happy hour) from 6-9 p.m.; €10 after 9 p.m.