Mike Bloomberg Mocks ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’

Apparently Mike Bloomberg does comedy? At last night’s Inner Circle comedy show, put on by City Hall reporters, the mayor arrived dressed up as Spider-Man, getting stuck (intentionally) in mid-air to poke fun at the flailing Spider-Man musical’s technical problems. “Will I be up here long?” he joked. Our mayor, everyone!

A stagehand replied, “We just have to issue an RFP, get three bona-fide bids, go before the community board, submit a ULURP application, and do an environmental-impact statement — and we’ll have you down and you can grab the train home.” Get it? The extended joke is kind of a clunker, but it’s nonetheless refreshing to see the mayor being silly. Points for trying.

Plus this picture, via the Post, is crazy:


Bloomberg also made fun of a number of different NYC-related topics, like the newly named “Ed Koch-Queensboro Bridge” and the city’s unpopular response to the blizzard in December. The theme of the night was “Meet the Focker-Uppers,” in reference to Meet the Parents, which is literally an eleven-year-old cultural allusion. Couldn’t have been written by anyone under the age of 40, I suspect.

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