Midnight Mixologists: Camille Austin’s Toplist

Steamy, sexy, and red-hot: three words that describe Camille Austin, the city where she works, and her signature cocktails. Austin trained under a master mixologist for her gig at haute Chinese boîte Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau in Miami, where the Mexico native lives, works, and pours. The Betty Page look-alike has a flair for all things retro, and she likes her cocktails with a kick—like her White Pom and muddled apple-infused Red-Hot Passion—as much as she likes Luis Miguel. Check out Camille Austin’s favorite places to grab a cocktail in Miami.

HakkasanB Bar at the BetsyBleau BarLIVSra. MartinezArea 31Love HateMichael’s Genuine Food & DrinkThe Florida RoomThe Living Room Lounge

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