Mickey Rourke Does His Best Kiefer Sutherland in New Commerical

While Mickey Rourke’s new commercial for the Dutch, alcohol-free beer Bavaria makes for a highly enjoyable fifty six seconds, we can’t help but think it was, or it least could have been, written for the only other man on the planet who would be as, if not more appropriate for a spot like this. Sadly, Kiefer Sutherland must have been wrapping 24 that night. After all, it’s Sutherland who’s known to partake in booze-induced calamities whilst overseas. See such classics as diving into a hotel lobby Christmas tree in London, or the more recent getting tossed from a strip club in London. We know Rourke has the reputation of a rule-breaking badass, but really, the whole thing feels more like a persona than the real deal.

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