Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s BFF: She’s No Homewrecker

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Some good old fashioned social networking detective work has put us in touch with the busty bikini model who doubles as the girl who helped ruin Sandra Bullock’s post-Oscar high’s best friend. On Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s MySpace page, a girl by the name of Tiffany Cache wrote something on her wall, promising to lend her trucker hats in big sunglasses for her new role as paparazzi prey. Then, out of an unwavering loyalty to Facebook, we contacted Tiffany through her profile, and well, she answered. She seemed game to answer anything we wanted to know, so we fired away a few questions like “Do you think Michelle is a homewrecker?” Her two, extended answers are after the jump.

I met michelle a couple years ago, maybe longer, at an event in california. Friends introduced us. Yes I knew about the affair when it happend Have I spoken to her recently? Haha well I’m in her house now. I’ve been here since before the affair surfaced in the media. She’s 1 of my best friends and I’m stickin around for whatever she needs. I know all there is to know about what’s going on, plus the truth about some allegations that have surfaced.

I absolutely feel bad for Sandra. No one deserves to be cheated on. I don’t think that michelle is a homewrecker, he had a choice to do what he did. I’m an actor and model and am based in los angeles;)Www.myspace.com/idallas Www.modelmayhem.com/tiffanycache Www.imdb.com/tiffanycache And u have my facebook;)

If all goes well, we’re hoping to have that “truth” for you soon enough, so stay tuned!

Update: Tiffany just sent us a spirited defense of her Michelle.

She’s under a lot of stress, but handling it well. She’s got great support from friends and family. She’s definitely not loving the attention. She’s been removed from her regular routine to remain indoors, avoiding any attention. She didn’t do any of this for money or attention. She had real feelings for jesse, she’s a scorned woman, and was hurt. The allegations of her being racist is false. The pictures of her in German soldier uniform, was just costume. She’s a model, like myself, and we consider what we do art. We don’t do it to represent our beliefs or way of life, or I could be accused of being a mermaid…right? She has friends of all races, religions, skin colors, etc. Also, she never met jesses children, to throw that in there was low. Kids have nothing to do with any of this, and shouldn’t be brought up. There will be no further comment of either of their children. Michelle is a great person. She’s confident and fearless, which reflects on her skin. The hatemail we’ve received is ridiculous, we laugh at all the “your nasty, ugly, trash” comments. I understand that tattoos can be an acquired taste, but the risk, she was fearless enough to take, with her covering herself like she did, is threatening to most people. Jealousy is a disease. Don’t hate, congratulate;) She’s beautiful! And a really great friend. I’m by her side no matter what happens.