Michael Houghton’s ‘Smoking Series’ Shows Rockers Having a Puff

After lording over the Don Hill’s scene as the frontman for the late, lamented Bender, sharing a stage with everyone from Andy Hilfiger to Earl Slick, and clothing the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Jane’s Addiction, and Duran Duran with his deHoghton and Rock Punk Couture clothing lines, it’s hardly a wonder to find Michael Houghton (known to Downtown’s denizens as Michael H) paying homage on canvas to some of rock & roll’s most magnificent bad boys.

Houghton’s “Smoking Series,” now on display at Nolita hipster magnet Bread, is a collection of stunningly painted photo images of the likes of Bowie, Hendrix, Keith Richards, The Clash, and — best of all — Motorhead’s Lemmy, all caught in the act of taking a drag on a fag. Of course, the very idea of celebrating smoking in a city now militantly against it seems an act of glorious defiance. All that aside, the pictures just, well, rock. For those without art-collecting budgets, t-shirts of the images are also available.

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