Meet the Twitchhiker

imagePaul Smith, from Newcastle upon Tyne in England, is attempting to travel around the world in the next thirty days relying solely on help from his Twitter following (his Twittername is @twitchhiker). He’s taking this adventuresome trip for fun and also to raise money for Charity Water, an organization that brings water to developing nations around the world. He’s hoping to get all the way to New Zealand just from the good will of fellow Tweeters — and just to make it interesting, he’s given himself a set of five rules that he will follow unless “certain death or amputation will otherwise occur.”

Smith’s rules for the trip force him to accept charitable travel offers (accommodation etc.) only from Twitter users, avoid planning more than three days in advance, and to keep moving, lest his “challenge” expire. The best chance of malicious entertainment lies in rule #4, which requires him to accept any offer within 48 hours if it’s the only one on the table. One could strategically send him to the North Pole if you caught him at the right moment, it seems. If only Twitter could drop its kindly citizen journalism pretensions and revert to the more pure, malicious form of the unvarnished Internet, Smith could indeed end up “dead in a ditch or under a patio.”

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